Which one is better ? Genuine leather or Microfiber leather ?

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Nowadays , mifrofiber leather has been widely used in many industries , and warm welcomed by customers . As we know , microfiber leather is the best one among synthetic leather , then comes the question : is microfiber also better than genuine leather ? what's the difference between genuine leather and microfiber leather ?

       The full name of microfiber leather is  superfine fibre PU synthetic leather , generally , it is made with one layer of  high-quality PU and another layer of superfine fibre as the base , whose structure is very similar to genuine leather , and it has outstanding features and belongs to the 3th generation synthetic leather .

      Genuine leather is called natural leather and it is from animal skin , such as cow leather , sheep leather , pig leather , crocodile leather , ostrich leather and etc .

      However , both of them have below difference :

      Firstly , genuine leather has more clear pore and more natural patterns when microfiber leather doesn't have pore also its patterns lack of the feeling of nature since it looks very regular ,

     Secondly , the density of genuine leather is bigger than microfiber leather , that means the bag made with genuine leather is heavier than the bag made with microfiber leather when two of the bags are in same size .

     Thirdly , genuine leather has a strange smell since it's actually animal skin , sometimes , you can even aware of the stink and that is because people use too much formaldehyde or heavy metal to process the genuine leather .

     Fourth , both of genuine leather and microfiber leather have very good and practical performance . Microfiber maybe more abrasion resistant when genuine leather has more comfortable feeling .

    Fifth , generally , genuine leather is more expensive than microfiber leather , but its price also depends on the supply and demand . But sometimes , some microfiber leather , which contains high technology and be used in the high-end segment , is more expensive than the genuine leather .

    In a word , the above is for your reference , and it depends on how you think and how you feel to decide which one you prefer .

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