Waterborne Decorative Leather

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the national economy, people's living standard is also rising. There are more and more requests in home furnishing. Simple white walls can't satisfy people's needs far away. Now the TV background, bed background, sofa background, study room background, children's room, etc., as well as hotels, KTV, kindergartens, for decoration effect or special skills, you must apply the leather products.

On the market for the local traditional decoration Ottawa PVC leather PU leather or solvent type, and coated on the plate above the traditional, made out of products containing plasticizer, and a large number of formaldehyde DMF. These harmful chemicals continue to volatilize for a long time, the breath is big, easy to function infants and children normal development, far can not meet people's environmental needs.The separation and application of waterborne decorative leather and water-based boards replace traditional PVC leather, PU leather and traditional plank. It completely deals with the volatilization of toxic and harmful chemical substances, non-toxic and environmental protection, and meets the needs of people's immediate living.

Waterborne decorative leather is made from water based wet process synthetic leather bass technology. It contains no harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP and heavy metals. It is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. It has excellent water resistance and good air permeability. It is easy to clean and clean.

Important ingredients: base cloth, water resin, color pulp and various auxiliaries.

Use: TV background, background sofa, bedside background, study background, children's room, and the hotel, KTV, clubs, kindergartens and other soft and hard packaging point.

Application of water-based decorative leather in domestic clothing.

1.Hard pack

Hard pack in the indoor wall surface with decorative leather directly attached to the floor, clean convenient, super wear-resistant and easy maintenance, the appearance of waterproof, noise isolation, green color and shape characteristics of common plane. It can make a variety of ways, such as square, diamond, special shape and so on, and can also make appearance printing, embroidery and so on.

2.Soft roll

Soft leather is used in indoor decoration between the wall and the floor surface is made of sponge lined, feel warm, gentle color, can soften the whole space atmosphere, the depth of the plane can also enhance the sense of Home Furnishing level. At the same time, it has sound insulation, damp proof, mildew proof, anti static and collision proof work. Capable of producing square, diamond, special-shaped, leather carving and a variety of ways, but also can do the appearance of diamond, buckle, printing and embroidery process.

Comparison of water-based decorative leather and traditional leather.

1.Smell the breath. Because of the use of loading leather and sheet compound, it can be used to distinguish the environmental protection from the breath before buying and buying.

2.Touch the feel of the hand. The traditional decorative leather has a poor feeling of hand and a strong sense of plastic.

3.Look at the appearance, check the decorative leather appearance can be clear, through the external force pulling can have breakage.

4.The scratch test of the scraping test shows that the scratch resistance of the water-based decorative leather is superior to the traditional decorative leather.

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