The technical parameter operation flow of the paper coating

- Jul 14, 2017 -

The main technical parameters of the paper coating machine:
The company has solvent-free coating technology, the production of paper has a white base, Huang Di, Blue Bottom, cowhide bottom, glassine and so on and double-plastic silicon, single plastic single silicon and other varieties, suitable for a variety of composite, more value is mentioned, the company developed and produced high-grade silicone oil, can provide all kinds of composite materials manufacturers with adequate protection.

The use of EPC correction device to ensure that the finished product edge neat.
1. Receiving, unwinding with the membrane mechanism, can achieve non-stop machine-feeding, high production efficiency.
2. The oven adopts high efficient axial fan, high drying efficiency and multiple temperature control, and the temperature of each section is controlled accurately according to the process requirement.
Heating mode steam/heat conduction oil/hot blast stove/electric vapor/heat conduction oil/hot blast stove/electric vapor/heat conduction oil/hot blast stove/electric vapor/heat conduction oil/hot blast stove/electric
3. The tension section control, adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation or the digital DC speed governing system, and uses the multi-point synchronization controller to control the synchronous operation of the whole machine.
Model GW-600 GW-1100 GW-1300 GW-1600 Dongguan mei-Qi paper coating machine manufacturers:
Epoxy resins: Resin containing epoxy groups collectively. Mainly by condensation of propylene oxide and polyphenols such as bisphenol. Soluble in acetone, cyclohexanone, ethylene glycol, toluene and styrene. No stink, no smell. Alkali and resistance to most solvents. Heat resistance, insulation, hardness and flexibility are good. Because of varieties, grades, composition, performance and use of different, epoxy can be divided into: pure epoxy, epoxy thermoplastic resin, epoxy thermosetting resin and epoxy rubber adhesives, such as four. This agent is used in pure epoxy resin. is one of the main ingredients of this agent, used as a binder.
Coated paper: Suitable for all kinds of dairy products, melon seeds, salt and other food packaging, printing effect is good, is the ideal environment-friendly packaging materials.
The company's production capacity is huge, is China's outstanding paper-coated paper and glassine Import and export manufacturers.

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