The process of PU synthetic leather

- Nov 10, 2017 -

PVC leather first plastic particles melt stirring into a paste in the manufacturing process, according to the provisions of the thickness of T/C knitted cloth evenly coated on the base, and then enter the foaming furnace for foam, which can adapt to the production of different products, different requirements of softness, surface treatment and dyeing, pressure (released grain, polishing, grinding, extinction suede, is mainly carried out in accordance with the specific requirements of the product).

PU leather in the manufacturing process is more complicated than the PVC leather base cloth, because PU is the canvas PU material tensile strength is good, but can be coated on the above base cloth, can also be included in the middle of the bottom cloth, the cloth does not exist outside the watch. The physical properties of PU leather are better than that of PVC leather. It has the advantages of bending resistance, good flexibility, high tensile strength and breathability (PVC no).

Due to the difference of raw materials, the price of PU leather is more than twice as high as that of PVC leather, and the price of some special PU leather is 2 - 3 times higher than that of PVC leather. So many domestic manufacturers will use PVC to replace, they are doing so: first cloth coated with PVC (artificial leather) and coated with PU coating. This price can be significantly decreased, but PVC plasticizer in less than one year will be removed, resulting in synthetic leather (actually artificial leather) hard and brittle, so there are some customers to buy a new armored can be less than a year, while brittle cracking, which is called semi synthetic leather or semi PU leather.

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