The price of basic paper is rising

- Nov 27, 2017 -

For the recent paper prices, many industry insiders reflect the phenomenon of cold and hot uneven market, followed by the market completely do not understand. According to the preliminary survey of China India, in March, apart from several large paper mills, the price of information, but also some small factories in price, the biggest decline is about 500 yuan / ton. There are carton factory bosses sigh: rising prices heartache, price drop heart, difficult, difficult! Difficult!

In March, the factory continued to raise prices, rising 100-200 yuan per ton, compared with the year before the frequency, amplitude declined            Following the announcement of Nine Dragons Paper at the end of February the results of the conference: March is expected there will be a price increase, an increase of 100-200 yuan / ton, March 1st, Liansheng paper (Longhai) Co. Ltd. will be issued in March the first letter of the price. The company said, due to the recent raw material prices continue to rise, resulting in the company's production costs increased, from March 1, 2017 out of the library, all 8 machine coated gray paperboard on the basis of the original price up 100 yuan / ton.

Xiao Bian to Fujian several Paperboard Factory confirmed the price situation is true. According to Mr. Lin, one of the board mills, the price rise in Fujian is mainly due to environmental high pressure policy, resulting in less output than demand. According to a local carton factory, September, Xiamen will usher in the ninth meeting of BRICs leaders, and then there will be large-scale stop production, estimated paper prices have new fluctuations. From a Quanzhou Nine Dragons Paper procurement cardboard factory said Liansheng has a price, in accordance with past practice, Quanzhou Nine Dragons will soon send a letter, wait!

In fact, the price rise in Fujian has started around February 10th. According to the Strait Herald reported on February 23rd, in early February, a Fujian carton production enterprises received mills notice: "in view of the various types of raw materials prices skyrocketing, waste paper taking deliberate stockpile filled offer a same day, even a car price, now our company has faced the imbalance of purchasing and selling" paper shortage "situation is! Maintain the normal operation of the company, a waste of resources to customers, and our cooperation can take the waste paper in paper, price suihangjiushi!"

In addition to Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal cities, paper prices are still rising, the northwest region is also unwilling to lag behind. According to Mr. Luo of a carton factory in Shaanxi, the paper price of some large local paper mills is still rising, but the price is small!

Small factories continued to decline in value, a decline of 300-500 yuan / ton, the market slightly eased

Is the price of paper in the country upward? The answer is negative. Chen, a manager of a packaging group in Hubei, told Xiao Bian that the price of paper has been falling after the year. The difference is that the local market is relatively stable, and the small paper mill has dropped 300-500 yuan / ton. According to another carton factory Lin said, taking Hanchuan as an example, as early as mid February paper price dropped 200 yuan / ton.

Chen said: "at present, Hubei corrugated average price of 4200 yuan / ton, box board in 4400 yuan / ton. According to my understanding, in fact, the inventory of some paper mills in Hubei is relatively abundant, so the market has been slowly getting better."           

Don't think that the base paper price rises, the price will drop, and the carton factory will be happy. Insiders say: "often after the base paper price falls, cardboard, cardboard prices will be" forced "linkage decline, there is no room for negotiation. Downstream of some enterprises, especially large packaging users once heard a little fall immediately ran to wind sways grass, why don't we ask the price. In fact, where is the price drop, just a little bit back to the signs of rationality." It's also up, worry, or worry about price stability is welcomed!     


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