The Export of Luggage And Bags Is Increasing

- Jan 02, 2018 -


In 1-9 months of this year, the export of luggage and bags in China was 198.6 US dollars, up 8.9% from the same period. Export cases increased by 7.4%, and bags increased by 8.3% over the same period. The total export volume of the luggage and bags has shown a recovery growth. The export volume of the first three quarters has increased compared with that of last year, but it is still lower than that of the same period in 2015, which is the same as that in 2014.

In 1-9 months, the top three markets for the export of bags and bags in China were EU, the United States and ASEAN, accounting for 55.8% of the total, and four or five in Japan and Hongkong. Among them, exports to ASEAN increased by 29.3%, 1.5 percentage points to 9.1%, 3.7% to Hongkong's exports, and a relatively smooth export to other major markets.

In the first three quarters, China's bags and exports were concentrated in the eastern coastal provinces. Guangdong occupied half of the country's luggage exports, accounting for 49.2% of the total, which is second percentage points higher than Zhejiang's 30 percentage points. The share of the rest of the provinces is less than 7%.

The first ranked Guangdong has achieved 16.3% rapid growth, which has greatly increased exports to the US, the European Union and ASEAN countries, while the increase in exports to Hongkong is relatively small, while exports to Japan have declined slightly.In addition, Jiangsu bags export growth is also very impressive, up to 20.9%, mainly in the Americas, Brazil Mexico exports have abnormal growth, an increase of 228.4% and 91.2% respectively; also achieved substantial growth in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Xinjiang, but the two bags exports in general trade, while Xinjiang's export bags the border trade accounted for 94.5%, mainly because of the geographical advantages, mainly exported to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian market. The total of these two countries account for 88.1% of the total export of Xinjiang bags.

The decline of luggage export in Fujian is mainly affected by the depression in main markets of Europe and America. The export of luggage and bags in Shanghai is focused on the Asian market, but exports to Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan have dropped sharply, and their exports to the European market are also not ideal, resulting in the overall decline.

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