The classification of the paper and the small knowledge of the type paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Definition of off-paper
Off-type paper, also known as silicone oil paper, anti-sticky sheet. The paper mainly acts as a viscous object, such as tape. In the use of paper in general need to be stripped, discarded; now widely used, mainly tape or adhesive products of the carrier, of course, in food, medical and health industry applications, not here in detail.

The classification of paper type
The classification of the type of paper can be classified according to the type of paper and plastic free paper, and the type of silicone free paper and non-silicon free paper can be classified according to the separation agent.
There is plastic off paper, because the type of agent has a certain permeability, if not a certain barrier, the type of agent will penetrate into the paper, resulting in poor curing and the use of a large amount of separation agent (cost too high) and many other undesirable factors. So need to do on paper coating treatment (commonly known as drench film), the domestic general use of polyethylene (PE) particles to drench the film. It is divided into mono-plastic paper and two-plastic free-form paper, no plastic-free paper, mainly glassine, CCK and other special treatment of the paper.

1. Film-Leaving paper
The original paper after the film, coated on the surface of the film from the agent, produced from the paper.
Because the paper surface has paper wool and fiber, so the film must be a certain amount to ensure that there is no penetration point, in order to ensure that silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, to ensure that there will be no stripping undesirable. General film coated paper volume of 16 grams per square meter, it is said that the Wenzhou region has been done per square meters $ord grams, quite close to the foreign advanced equipment, the film data. Theoretically, as long as the tape can be guaranteed to peel off from the paper, the lower the amount of film is permitted.
The paper is divided into single and double drench. The general one-sided type of paper is single, of course, there are two-sided out of the type of paper, because of the thickness of the film is generally 20 grams, the surface is generally thinner than 15 grams, this type of paper is relatively flat.
If the two-sided film volume is 22 grams of coated paper, it is more suitable to do double-sided paper.
The paper is usually used in all wood pulp paper, especially in the electronic industry. If the selection of straw pulp paper, in the die-cutting will be a lot of confetti and easy to break the edge.
All wood pulp paper is commonly known as Kraft, such as Raw Kraft (commonly known as: The Ox), White Kraft (commonly known as: White Bull), Yellow kraft paper (commonly known as: Japan Huang), Blue Kraft (commonly known as: Indonesian blue color cattle).
Of course, it is also useful for all wood pulp double plastic paper to make the original paper, more useful photographic paper to do the original paper, as well as with coated paper and white paperboard, Niuca, milk cards and so on paper to make the original paper.
As long as the film paper plastic fastness to meet the requirements, as long as the film does not penetrate the point, the film evenly flat, should say what paper can do the original paper.

2. Glassine off-type paper
Glassine original paper after Super pressure coating off-type agent, produced from the paper.
Glassine because of super pressure, paper compactness is very good, especially for the use of die-cutting plant.
Because the domestic glassine can only produce $number grams of quantitative, and die-cutting plant more like to use more than 100 grams of quantitative, such as 120 grams, 140 grams. With a certain degree of transparency, stiffness and good, die-cutting performance is good. All rely on imported raw paper, but since the original paper is a quantitative import of 20 tons per container, and must be booked 3 months in advance, the order needs to pay the entire paragraph. There is a lot of domestic coating suppliers to feel no big sense.

3. CCK off-type paper
CCK original paper is the surface coated with a special layer of clay after coating out of the agent, produced from the paper.
Because of its high temperature resistance performance is particularly good, is widely used in the carbon fiber industry.
CCK original paper surface of the clay and easy to destroy organic silicon, so domestic production of CCK paper can really pass through the few.

4. Other off-paper
In addition, some of the paper is widely used in many industries, and there is no use of the type of agent. For example, the label printing plant will often need to have a left-type place on a layer of varnish, but also have a certain ability to leave, of course, the performance of the glue is very weak. Otherwise, the ability to leave the form is futile. Others use some special glue and other formulations to produce a small proportion of the total market share of paper.

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