The basic performance requirement of release paper for synthetic leather

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The general width of leather release paper is 1520mm, and it is necessary to withstand the test of high temperature passing machine in the process of using. It will inevitably produce certain wear. In order to ensure the continuous paper in high temperature environment, it is required that the leather release paper has excellent mechanical strength. The longitudinal tensile strength >=910kN, transverse tearing degree >=800mN, the above two points have a great influence on the use times of leather release paper.

The leather release paper should be roasted at high temperature after passing the machine. The baking temperature of the polyurethane (PU) artificial leather production line is 120 degrees, and the baking temperature of the PVC artificial leather production line is 190 degrees, or even up to 210 degrees centigrade. In the high temperature environment, on the one hand, the paper is in the dry state, the mechanical strength is decreased. To ensure that the release paper will not break the paper during use, it is necessary to ensure that the release paper has excellent heat resistance. On the other hand, the release paper with excellent heat resistance can ensure that it is not damaged in high temperature environment, and ensure the multiple use of leather release paper .

Artificial leather to the use of organic solvents in the production process, raw materials of polyurethane artificial leather containing DMF, DOA, toluene, acetone and other solvents, the solvent has a good effect on dissolved organic matter under high temperature, so the leather release paper from the layer must have excellent solvent resistance, in order to ensure the repeated use.

Leather chemiacal should be appropriate if the peel strength, peel strength is too large, will affect the use of paper from the number, if the peeling force is too small, it will cause pre stripping in the production process of artificial leather, leather repeatedly release paper after peeling force will gradually become larger, but also should not exceed 60mN/25mm.                 

Repeated times is the evaluation of leather chemiacal performance of the most important indicators, now the manufacturers of leather leather from the type of paper used times have strict standards for different types of leather have different requirements from the type of paper, but the general requirements of leather repeated release paper can use more than 20 times, in particular, flat from the paper in the manufacture of leather PU leather requirements can be reused more than 90 times.

Leather release paper is a temporary tool for making leather. The performance of the release paper determines the performance of the leather directly. Therefore, the leather release paper should ensure that there is no defect in the performance, such as ideas, strip, coating and so on. On the other hand, the surface of the leather release paper must be uniform, whether it is high light, or matt, the surface must be uniform, if the pattern paper, the depth of the pattern must be clear and uniform, after repeated use, still maintain a uniform state.

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