Process parameters during the separation of paper and in-vitro film coating

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Process parameters during the separation of paper and in-vitro film coating
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The degree of oxidation of LDPE composite surface should be improved. Since the silicone paper is a non-polar surface, when it is compounded with the surface of cardboard (whiteboard), the fastness is not good: there is no compatibility between the two. At present, the method of increasing the temperature of T-shaped die is often adopted in our country, and the increase of temperature can greatly improve the contact oxidation rate of the surface of LDPE melt with air oxygen. We know that the thermal decomposition temperature of polyethylene in 315 ℃, therefore, generally in the extrusion coating LDPE temperature is $number (2-250~c, very few more than this range.) But when the white board paper is extruded and coated, the temperature of the T-shaped die should be set in the 365~c, and the air gap (air gap) of the T-shaped die is increased from the original 20EM-40CRA to the 60em-80cm. The increase of air gap distance increases the contact time between molten polyethylene and oxygen in air, enhances the oxidation degree of polyethylene surface and enhances the polarity of polyethylene surface. The paper improves the color fastness of PE with white board paper.
Yellow glassine on the surface of the paper coated with a layer of PE film, and then on the P-surface coating the separation agent. The separation agent uses the silicon coating film, uses the roll coating method to carry on the solution coating, the reverse roll coating method is used, namely: a steel roller which rotates in opposite direction, and one of the following rollers is impregnated in the coating liquid trough, and the coating is obtained by passing the base material from two reverse turning rollers. The inverse roll coating is suitable for this kind of coating quantity to be less (3g/cm2 ... 5G/CM2) after drying the occasion. After the coating, after drying the dry cooling coil, made of adhesive tape glassine off paper. Silicone isolators are formulated as follows:
The separation membrane weighing after the mixture in toluene or xylene or $number solvent gasoline, become $number the above concentration of the methyl component solution. The use of organic tin coating, such as: February Butyltin or two dioctyl, etc. ": the solvent solution, the addition of a component of solute 0. 1-o. 5 weight, depending on the drying temperature and length of the oven, this organic tin is the pet in-vitro membrane crosslinking reaction catalyst.
In the production of self-adhesive adhesive tape from the paper manufacturer, it is necessary to use the isolating paper on the base paper or plastic film, which uses 200g/m ' -350g/m2 paperboard or Kraft paper as raw material (reel shape). In order to save the expensive silicon off agent, on the web substrate surface should first coated with a layer of LDPE film, porous fiber surface from the pet matte film to fill up the smooth, using the extrusion T-type of the flow-casting machine for melting extrusion casting.

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