PET applications

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Since the advent of new synthetic materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most important member of the polyester film family, it has brought a profound (and deep) insight into the applications of clothing, home decor, packaging and engineering change. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the use of PET is no longer confined mainly to fibers. It is further expanded to various types of containers, packaging materials, films, films, and engineering plastics. At present, PET is getting more and more Multi-replacement of aluminum, glass, ceramics, paper, wood, steel and other synthetic materials; polyester family is also continuing to expand, and have their own strengths, so the polyester industry and its production of various types of products to human society Contribution will keep pace with the times.

  As we all know, PET is the largest use of synthetic fibers. In the early stages of development, 70% of PET was mainly used in the manufacture of polyester> fibers, most of which are still used in the production of fibers. For more than 50 years, relatively large-scale industrialized production of relatively backward polyester fibers, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polyester, which come from behind the three major synthetic fibers, the most widely used fiber, polyester fiber is effective It solves the contradiction between the shortage of natural fiber supply and the increasing demand of human beings for production and living, and to a certain extent, alleviates the problems caused by the continuous population growth and the continuous reduction of land resources. In addition to the traditional manufacture of garments and household and industrial textiles, the use of PET fibers can also be used to produce various types of nonwovens, as well as filling materials for the filling of furniture such as sofas and pillows, toys and the like.

However, PET now has many non-fiber (mostly plastic) applications, and its two largest non-fiber applications are PET bottles (packaging containers) and PET films. PET resin can be used for making all kinds of containers, manufacturing hollow containers for hot and cold filling beverages and foods, and is suitable for beverage packaging such as beer, carbonated soft drinks, tea drinks, mineral water, edible oil packaging, seasoning packaging, beer Packaging and pesticides, medicine, cosmetic products packaging. PET can also be used in the production of insulation materials, tape base, film or photographic film and vacuum packaging, and other film products. In addition, the potential of PET as an engineering plastic is also significant. The following is a combination of several major aspects, the specific application we will gradually talked about.

  First, PET thermoformed sheet

  With economic development, people are more and more aware of environmental protection. All countries have also issued some environmental protection laws and regulations. People are also paying more attention to environmental pollution caused by packaging materials. For some plastic packaging materials, especially difficult-to-handle and hard-to-recycle materials, some industrialized countries have begun to restrict their use by legislation. PVC is a widely used packaging material, but due to its adverse effect on the environment, it becomes the first material to be considered limited. PET is the most promising alternative thermoplastic material likely to replace PVC, with its outstanding performance in non-crystalline PET sheets (APETs), so APET thermoformed containers and other varieties have been developed.

  (L) APET thermoformed containers

  (2) CPET sheet

  (3) foam PET

(4) GPET sheet

(5) coextruded PET sheet

Second, PET engineering plastics

PET has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance and so on. The disadvantage is the low crystallization rate, poor impact resistance. Domestic and foreign workers carried out a large amount of research work on it, and developed PET engineering plastic which can be used for cars. It can also be used as engineering plastic in the fields of electronics and appliances, such as meter case and hot air masks.

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