Performance requirement of release paper for synthetic leather

- Nov 22, 2017 -


The release paper should have a certain strength, which has a great influence on the operation of the production process and the number of paper use. When the production line is running continuously, the release paper bears a certain tension, and repeatedly withstand the high temperature in the oven and the cooling of the cooling roller, still need to maintain the flat state, continuous paper, no deformation. Therefore, the release paper must have enough strength in the use of many times. If the strength of the paper is not enough, the use of the process will suddenly break, will interrupt the production, resulting in losses. The tear strength of the release paper is high. When the paper is torn in width direction, it must be able to bear a certain tear load. At the same time, the surface strength requirements are also higher, requiring heating in use, generally used more than 6 times without crimping, the surface does not drop powder, not damaged .

2.Surface uniformity

  1. The release surface of the paper must be uniform;

  2. The surface gloss of the release paper should be uniform;

  3. The flat type release paper should maintain a certain smoothness and thickness;

  4. Embossed paper should maintain a certain thickness and uniform pattern;

  5. After repeated use, the release paper should be kept in uniform state.

3.Solvent resistance

The release paper is often used in many solvents. The release paper must not be affected by the solvent, neither dissolving nor swelling. The commonly used solvents are two methyl formamide, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, and plasticizer in the production of PVC artificial leather (such as phthalic acid, two formic acid ester, etc.)

4.Suitable peel strength

The release paper should have a proper peel strength. If too easy to peel (adhesion of the coating is too small), coating process may leave a paper base, fall off or curl, make the next step of coating processing can not be carried out, this flaw is called pre stripping. If the peeling is too difficult, it will affect the number of repeated use of paper (adhesion is too large), after processing, coating film can not be successfully peeled off from the paper, resulting in tearing paper when peeling, will affect the number of repeated use paper paper. The appropriate peel strength is generally 0.147~0.196N/cm.

5.High temperature resistance

The release paper should be used at higher temperature, at this time, the release paper is close to the dry state. If its heat resistance is not good, after the high temperature production process, it will tear because of the lower strength, also will lead to the production interruption, so the required paper should have higher heat resistance. General PVC artificial leather with release paper can require the maximum temperature of 220 DEG C, and the polyurethane artificial leather with release paper can require the maximum temperature of 150 degrees, also need to withstand the heat 2~3 minutes of treatment.


This is because in the coating process, leaving the paper to pass the small guide roller, has a certain flexibility, to maintain the release of paper reuse is very important. If the parting paper has pattern, it must have certain flexibility when manufacturing, so as to avoid the damage of pattern in production.

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