PE protective film and PET protective film which is better

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Recently often received such a call: PE protective film and PET protective film in the end which is better? Every time I face such a call, I always explain patiently to them, and here I once again share my opinions with you.

  PE protective film to polyethylene plastic film as a substrate to cross-linked polyacrylic acid resin as adhesive, and then add several special additives, formulated debugging made of glue colorless and transparent, soft, good viscosity, the product of various color specifications , Beautifully printed, and can be customized according to customer requirements, the protection of different materials can choose different types of product adhesion and specifications.

  Products are widely used: plastic plates, nameplates, metal surface, the surface of the plastic sheet, building and decorating materials, polyester furniture, stone, stainless steel, automotive interior, aluminum, glass, electronics, home appliances, IT and other industries Product surface protection.

  Color types: PE transparent protective film, PE black and white protective film, PE blue protective film, PE cream protective film, PE red protective film and so on.

  PET protective film is made of transparent polyester film and carbon element added with special protective film adhesive, the surface is hardened up to 3H, the surface hardening of the material is good in weatherability, low adhesive force and easy to tear, and has ultra-high After the light transmittance optical effect and no residue after the glue, but also has a special design is not easy to cover the air bubbles.

  1, from the material point of view, PE protective film is relatively soft, PET film more tough, is two different protective film.

  2, from the stretch point of view, PE film has good extensibility, elongation ranging from 150-300%, you can achieve different effects of different uses. PET film is not extensible, not easy to deformation, hardness is better.

  3, from the use point of view, PE protective film suitable plastic sheet material, nameplates, metal surfaces, plastic sheet surface, construction and decoration materials, furniture polyesters, stone, stainless steel, automotive interiors, aluminum, glass, electronic, home appliances, IT and other sectors of surface protection products; PET protective film applied to the TV screen, laptop screen, PDA handheld screen, LCD screen, PSP LCD screen game consoles, LCD screen electronic dictionaries, mobile phones, digital cameras, camera screen , Car DVD display, GPS LCD protection and more.

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