PE coated paper features and effects of how to choose Lin Mozhi?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

1, Name: commonly known as silicone paper, or anti-sticking paper.

2, structure: release paper has three layers of structure, the first layer of paper, the second layer is lamination, the third layer is silicone oil.


(1), Gela Xin (at the end of the paper for the Gela Xin) silicone paper: high temperature, moisture, oil, generally used in the food industry packaging.

(2), ordinary release paper: moisture, oil, played the role of product isolation.

4, for the industry: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., most of its use and sticky with the special, especially the tape. Therefore, the general use of tape products will use the release paper.

Several characteristics of release paper.

1, cleanliness refers to the surface of the cleanliness and cleanliness. Because the production environment for the release paper manufacturers vary, most are not dust-free studio, due to cost issues, it is impossible to adopt dust-free studio, Generally speaking, ordinary factories, a little better environment and the environment there are many improvements, these will have an impact on the cleanliness.

2, degree of freedom, refers to the release of paper from the degree, there is no absolute value at this point, see each manufacturer's formula to decide.

3, peel force, peel force refers to when the product torn off, whether it is easy, of course, this has strict test standards.

Release paper selection.

In the selection of release paper, the main consideration of cost, product quality, production processes, the characteristics of the products prepared, the use of.

1, the product features: Now the more common domestic tape for South Korea's Sanzhi, Japan's Nitto, the United States three M, etc. Because of the different adhesive tape properties, which determines when we choose the release paper to Consider this situation.

2, the cost: Domestic and imported release paper is very different, in general, the domestic release of beer is not very good mouth, especially in the preparation of three M tape and Nitto tape, often appear The surface is foggy or the degree of separation is too low, it can not tear the release paper and the product very well, but the domestic release paper is definitely cheaper than the imported goods. And there is a relatively large price ratio. To the company's products are used for export, of course, the best proposal to use imported release paper, the exit side will be relatively smooth.Because the domestic production equipment and production level of the characteristics of the paper, which determines the domestic release paper in some Product instability, the serious consequences that will result in the waste of tape.

3, the production process.The focus here is whether to stamping or cutting, usually related to stamping or cutting, will require the thickness of the release paper, because the low weight of the release paper when used in stamping, not easy to thrust off, of course , Which is also related to the fragility of the base paper, which will tear the paper and the product at the time of stamping or cutting, failing the desired or desired effect.

4, the use of.This mainly reflected in some products just need to maintain the balance of the product during transport, then it will require the product and the release paper will not be easy to drop when combined.

On the choice of release paper, mainly suitable, in the personal understanding, there is no absolute good, there is absolutely no bad, domestic has the advantages of domestic imports also have the strength of imports. The choice of release paper is equal to a college entrance examination Process, because we must consider all the factors in a balanced manner to achieve a reasonable and can reduce the cost of the effect.

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