Leather fashion industry is expected to further recovery

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Leather fashion industry is one of the industries with high industry concentration and internationalization. National Bureau of Statistics recently released data show that from January to February this year, industrial production continued steady and good situation, the above-scale industrial added value increased by 6.3% real growth year on year, an acceleration of 0.3 percentage points from December last year, more than half of the major The output of industrial products increased faster than the previous year in December.


"Spring sowing" market transfer pick-up signal

Since the beginning of this year, two industry-leading raw materials and accessories exhibitions, Hong Kong International Fur Fashion Fair and 2017 Haining China Leather Fur Raw Material Exhibition, have been held by the industry as "toned down" for the annual trend of China's leather fashion industry in Hong Kong and Haining, Zhejiang respectively Organized. The popularity and turnover of the two major exhibitions have all risen sharply: the turnover of the Hong Kong show reached 139 million U.S. dollars, up more than 20% over the 2016 show. Among them, the more expensive sable fur sales rose nearly 40% Show growth of 20%, turnover increased by 15% to 1323000000 yuan.

Behind the obvious popularity of the industry is the sustained rebound in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials: not only the world fur market vane - the Danish auction price in Copenhagen since last year, band-type rise in February this year than in January rose 10% to 15% In addition, the price of mink in China's Shandong and Dalian, the traditional end consumer market in Russia and Eastern Europe, also rose about 10%.

Haining Leather Industry Association, any law told reporters that the Hong Kong show, Haining show the popularity and significant increase in turnover and the general rebound in prices of raw materials, that the leather fashion industry in 2016, "the bottoming out of the dawn of light" on the basis of, There are signs of further recovery.

Analysis of the reasons, any law believes that not only Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other key markets, a clear rebound in demand led to increased confidence in the industry, and in recent years domestic and foreign leather fashion industry to the stock effect is obvious, many companies "light" once again set off .

Huang Youhui, vice president of the Hong Kong Fur Industry Association, was even more optimistic when interviewed by the media. He predicted that there will be a "V-shaped rebound" in the industry in 2017, with sales expected to increase by 30%.

Market faucet industry leader to lead the obvious

National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2016 China's leather garment industry output reached 91.916 million. According to Haining Leather Association data show that in 2016 the city's leather garments output of 31.36 million (sets), accounting for more than 1/3 of the country's total output. The city's leather fashion industry above-scale enterprises realized total profits of 1.016 billion yuan, an increase of 13.6%; profit 590 million yuan, an increase of 35.5%.

Zhang Yueming, chairman of Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd., believes that the 2016 production growth is based on the (undeveloped) capacity and inventories, and in particular the low-end production of the old-style and low-quality products was on the market Out of the current, still can remain active mainly "left by the king" that is more competitive enterprises (products) and in recent years emerged out of style, product, mode of operation are superior "new generation" enterprises And its products.

"The important thing is not the scale of the industry, but also the emergence of high value-added brands and the enhancement of Haining as the leading position in the industry in China," said Haining Leather Association official.

In recent years, businesses and manufacturers in northeast China, Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong and Hong Kong have been relocated to Haining. Among them, more than 1,000 have moved in. In 2016, from the other traditional leather industrial base in China - Hebei Xinji moved to Haining to develop nearly 200 enterprises.

"Haining is not to come here not to refuse, the most welcome or even give policy encouragement is the first with less land, high value-added design, brand-oriented enterprises." Long engaged in regional economic research Haining City, Said. He said that in recent years, Haining leather industry as a whole is "promising": Many companies moved their manufacturing sectors to Jiangxi, Anhui and other neighboring provinces, or simply focus on the design and brand management, the terminal manufacturing orders out To the cooperation of enterprises. However, the starting point for enterprises newly relocated or newly emerged from the outside world is relatively high, which undoubtedly promoted the adjustment of the local industrial structure.


Accelerate the global leather resource allocation

Felixton, a "post 80" from a leather family in Turkey, sees China as the most important market for Turkey, the world's largest producer of fur. After graduating from Shanghai Donghua University, Felicity stayed in China to operate Turkish Yue Xiao (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. and established trade and trade relations with many leather garment enterprises in Zhejiang and other places. From 2016 onwards, Felicity for two consecutive years with the company's latest models of fur raw materials to participate in Haining China Leather Fur Materials Exhibition. Filthyton is also proud of his own family thanks to the good momentum of development in China.

According to the organizer of Haining China Leather Fur & Feather Materials Fair 2017, international exhibitors participating in the show have enjoyed a growth momentum in recent years. Not only the number of exhibitors increased from 13 last year to 15 this year, but also for the first time in the world NAFA (North American Fur Auction House), one of the four largest fur auction houses. Hu Xiao Long, director of NAFA China affairs, said that he had only been to Hong Kong before. However, the NAFA's inaugural "first show" in the hinterland of China's leather fashion industry was unexpected.

Zhang Yueming said that in recent years, Haining, as a representative of China's leather fashion industry base, has established stable cooperative relations with major foreign leather industry bases such as Italy, Turkey and Russia. The scope of cooperation has long been extended from trade to the entire industrial chain .

At the end of February 2016, Haining Leather City reached a letter of intent on the development of the Haining Leather City project in Moscow with Russian Industry Co., Ltd., Horizon Liability Company and the Russian Federal Savings Bank. It is reported that Russia has listed the cooperation of China Haining Leather City in Moscow as the key government promotion project and is expected to open in the autumn of 2017. This is also the first time that a Chinese professional market has set up a chain store in a foreign country. Under the background of "One Belt and One Road" construction, the development prospect of this project has attracted the attention of the industry. At present, thousands of related enterprises in China, Italy and Turkey are enrolled in the project.

"Global allocation of resources," said the words for many years, it now appears that the leather garment industry in many traditional manufacturing industry in front of this is their traditional industries to an important performance of the fashion industry. "Zhejiang CPPCC Standing Committee, Zhejiang Zheng Yongjun, dean of the Business School of China University of Commerce said. Structure adjustment.

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