Leather and synthetic leather

- Dec 18, 2017 -


    Leather is a composite of fibers and plastics. The current common artificial leather, mainly PVC artificial leather.

    Artificial leather with soft texture, flexible, high mechanical strength, acid and alkali, easy to burn, easy to wash, bright color, pattern patterns and diverse features, it is particularly widely used. Commonly used to produce clothing, hats, gloves, shoes, sofas, chairs and other covering materials.

    Synthetic Leather

    The surface of synthetic leather is polyurethane resin. It is composite fiber knitted fabric or non-woven fabric coated polyurethane microporous elastomer composite formed.

    Synthetic leather with anti-oxidation, wear resistance, oil and other characteristics, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility are better than artificial leather; breathable and moisture vapor close to the natural leather; surface hardness, easy to insects, mildew, water , Good oil resistance; product size stability, not easy to deformation, the same texture at low temperature soft; products appearance bright, beautiful, easy maintenance, durable. Therefore, the use of a very wide range of leather can be used instead of natural leather boxes, bags, clothing, hats and other leather products, and a large number of raw materials used for footwear.

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