How well do you know about the release paper for synthetic leather ?

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Leather from the type of paper is a special anti adhesion release paper, and is widely used in artificial leather synthetic leather industry, is an indispensable carrier transfer coating processing, compared with the traditional method of artificial leather, stainless steel belt production, with less investment, simpler process, and is particularly beneficial to foaming.

 Through the artificial leather paste resin coating on the surface of the paper, after drying, crosslinking, curing, peeling off, you can get a small density, good feel of artificial leather. Because of the high temperature and organic solvent environment in leather production, the leather release paper needs high strength, heat resistance and solvent resistance. At the same time, if the peeling is too difficult, it will affect the repeated use of paper, peeling is too easy, and there will be pre peeling, so also need to have the appropriate peel strength.

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