How to distinguish PVC and PU synthetic leather ?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

The top layer of PVC leather is lacquer , the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is back coating adhesive.

PU leather is commonly known as synthetic leather, is lighter in weight , the patterns of PU leather is from  paper patterns . PU pulp is coated onto the surface of release paper , then PU leather is peeled from the release paper when it's cooling  , and the patterns and gloss will be transfered to PU leather .

PU can also be processed after embossing . From the production process, there are two kinds of processing methods , which contain wet and dry methods . It is easy to distinguish the two methods , wet PU leather is generally thicker, because there is a layer of BASE (low foaming layer) between the surface layer and the bottom cloth, and the dry PU leather has no BASE, directly coated on the bottom of the cloth, so it's thinner and the patterns are easy to be out of shape .Wet PU leather is widely used in bags, handbags, shoes, balls, stationery, sofa and other applications , while the dry PU leather is mainly used in packaging and clothing.

So , how do we distinguish the different synthetic leather ?

1, PU leather feels softer than PVC leather , good quality, good toughness, generally used for fabrics, can withstand relatively large tensile force ;

2, The price of PU leather is more expensive than PVC leather ;

3, PVC leather can be forced to tear, and PU leather can not ;

4,The bottom cloth of PVC leather is generally thinner ; PVC leather has more water needle sole and sweat cloth bottom, and the bottom cloth of PU leather has higher quality; the base of PVC leather is generally woven fabric and knitted fabric ; the base of PU leather is non-woven fabric;

5, if burned, PU taste lighter, PVC will become black, smell smelly ;

6, The patterns of PVC leather are deeper, the middle of the foaming layer is more obvious .

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