How to distinguish genuine and microfiber leather ?

- Jan 21, 2018 -

Nowadays , Microfiber leather has been widely used in all walks of life , also accepted by customers gradually . Although Microfiber leather is the best one among all generations of synthetic leather , it's different from Genuine leather . So , what's the concrete difference between both of them ?

The full name of Microfiber leather is superfine fibre PU synthetic leather and it's generally made with high-performance PU (polyurethane resin) and superfine fibre fabric . Microfiber leather , who belongs to the third generation of artificial leather , has the very closed structure to Genuine leather also excellent properties .

       Genuine leather is also called natural leather , and it's taken from the body of animals and processed by the human beings , such as cow leather , pigskin leather , sheepskin leather , crocodile-skin leather , ostrich leather and etc . 

       So , below are the concrete differences :

       1.Surface . Microfiber leather looks very similar to Genuine leather , but when you look carefully and you will see the pore of genuine leather is quite clear and its pattern is quite natural when microfiber leather has no pore and its pattern is very regular .

      2.Weight . The specific gravity of genuine leather is about 0.6 when the specific gravity of microfiber leather is between 0.3-0.5 , that is to say genuine leather is heavier than microfiber leather when the volume is the same . For exsample , there are two bags with same sizes , if you want to distinguish which bag is the made with genuine leather , what you need to do is just lifting up the two bags in the same time then you will have the answer .

     3.Smell . Genuine leather has foul smell since it's from animal , specially the smell is even more smelly when the level of formaldehyde and the heavy metal is too high during the processing . But the smell of Microfiber leather is not so obvious .

    4.Property . Both of genuine leather and microfiber leather have very practical performance , microfiber leather maybe more scratch-resistant and aging-resistant when genuine leather is more comfortable and ventilated .

    5.Price . Generally , genuine leather is more expensive than microfiber leather in the market , also the supply and demand has great influence to the price ,

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