Genuine leather and PU synthetic leather

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Leather is the real animal skin, and of course it is also the best .Pu microfiber leather is called superfine fiber reinforced PU leather". He has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathable, anti-aging properties.Artificial leather says simply that the mixture made of synthetic resin with various plastic additives can be used instead of plastics .

PU resin slurry as raw material, according to the current technology, PU leather in many applications is very wide, clothing, shoes, bags, sofa, with a common sense has been difficult to distinguish between skin and leather, with professional knowledge, people sometimes see presbyopia, many characteristics are very closed of genuine leather .

The composition and structure of natural leather and its plastic products can be used as substitute materials. Usually, the impregnated non-woven fabric is meshed, and the microporous polyurethane layer is made of granular layer. Its positive and negative sides are very similar to leather, and have certain air permeability, which is closer to natural leather than ordinary leather. It is widely used in shoes, boots, bags and ball games.PU is the abbreviation of English poly urethane, chemical Chinese name "polyurethane"". PU leather is the epidermis of polyurethane. Now widely used in bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, it has been increasingly recognized by the market, its wide range of applications, the amount of large, many varieties, is the traditional natural leather can not meet.

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