general classification of release paper

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Release paper classification, can be classified into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper; also classified by release agent silicone release paper and non-silicone release paper.

Plastic release paper, because the release agent has a certain permeability, if there is no barrier, the release agent will penetrate into the interior of the paper, resulting in poor curing and the release agent is too large (high cost) and many other undesirable factor. So need to do plastic coating on paper (commonly known as lamination), the domestic general use of polyethylene (PE) particles for lamination, the melt index required at 7 or so, the domestic PE particles are generally selected Yanshan Petrochemical 1C 7A. Divided into single-plastic release paper and double-plastic release paper; Plastic-free release paper, there are Gela Xin, CCK and other special treatment by the other release paper.

1.PEK release paper

After the base paper by Lin Mo, in the coating surface coated release agent, produced from the release paper.

Lamination release paper is divided into single and double shower. General single-sided release paper is a single shower, of course, there are double-dipped single-sided release paper, because the release liner thicker generally 20 grams, generally 15 grams away from the profile is generally thin, so the release paper smooth.

Lamination release paper are generally used in all wood pulp paper, especially the electronics industry. If you use straw pulp paper, there will be a lot of confetti in the die-cutting and easy to edge broken.

All wood pulp paper is generally called kraft paper, such as natural kraft paper (commonly known as: the cow), white kraft paper (commonly known as: white cow), yellow kraft paper (commonly known as: Japan yellow cauliflower), blue kraft paper (commonly known as: Indonesia blue color cattle).

2.Glassine release paper

 Glassine base paper after over-pressure coating release agent produced after the release paper.

Grasing because after super calendar, the paper's compaction is very good, especially for die-cutting plant.

As domestic Gela Xin can only produce 60 to 80 grams of quantitative, and die-cutting plant prefer to use more than 100 grams of quantitative, such as 120 grams, 140 grams. Has a certain degree of transparency, stiffness and good, die-cutting performance and good. All rely on imports of base paper, but since the amount of imported base paper is 20 tons per container, and must be 3 months in advance booking, ordering full payment. There are many domestic coating suppliers feel that there is no point in making sense.

3.CCK release paper

CCK base paper is coated with a layer of special clay after coating release agent, produced from the release paper.

Because of its high temperature performance is particularly good, is widely used in the carbon fiber industry.

CCK base paper on the surface of the clay can easily destroy the silicone, so the CCK release paper produced in China can still really pass a few.

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