Fluorine plastic membrane, fluorine film small common sense

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Fluorine-type film is also called fluorine film or fluorine-plastic film, the main purpose is to play the role of adhesive tape, such as silicone tapes, pi tape and so on. In the production, storage or transport, fluorine film to protect the adhesive agent from pollution, metamorphism of the role; in the use of adhesive tape, the fluorine membrane needs to be stripped off, the mission end. At present, the use of a wide range of mainly tape or adhesive products carrier.
Generally speaking, pet fluorine in vitro membrane technical indicators are divided into: room temperature stripping force, aging peel and residual adhesion.
One, room temperature stripping force: At room temperature after the standard test to get the Peel Force data size, unit is n/25mm, can be converted to how many grams.
1. Generally 10 grams under the Peel force, that is 0.10n/25mm is called light stripping;
Peel force below 2.20 grams, that is 0.20n/25mm, known as middle stripping;
3. $number stripping force, that is, 0.35~0.45n/25mm, commonly known as the heavy Peel;
4. $number stripping force, that is, 0.60~0.80n/25mm, commonly known as a heavy peel;
5. $number stripping force, that is, 0.03~0.04n/25mm, commonly known as gently peel;
6. There are also 1 00n/25mm, or more than 100 grams of stripping force, commonly known as overweight stripping.
II. Aging Stripping Force
Refers to the fluorine film in the laminating product or tape, after a certain amount of time or high temperature measured stripping force. Generally, the peeling force data measured after aging is slightly larger than that at room temperature.
Third, residual adhesion rate, refers to the fluorine membrane after the first stripping, the second time stripping force, teflon high-temperature tape, calculated after the data.
UV-curable silicone oil residual adhesion is generally 100%, Teflon mesh conveyor belt, hot-cured silicone oil residual adhesion rate of up to 90%. A handful of suppliers who claim to have a residual adhesion rate of 100% are suspicious. The residual adhesion of this type of membrane is generally not higher than 70% if the condition occurs. Technical indicators of testing is a fairly complex project, General electronics factory, tape factory can only be tested after a few data.

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