Features and applications of glassine release paper

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Release paper, also known as silicone paper. By the three-tier structure, the first layer: the end of the paper; the second layer: Lin Mo: The third layer: silicone oil. Can be used in electronics, car foam, printing, food, medical and more. In most cases, it is used with sticky materials, especially adhesive tapes.
      Wet production of prepreg, the release paper are placed above and below the prepreg, in which the lower release paper with the prepreg deposited within the winding, so the prepreg surface is usually a layer of release paper protection. The role of release paper is to prevent prepreg contamination, but also for the surface of the scribe to provide convenience. Another effect of release paper is to prevent lateral cracking of unidirectional prepregs.
      Release paper should meet: can stick prepreg, but easy to separate the two; not with the resin system chemical reaction or pollution resin system; in the environment when the temperature and humidity changes, the length and width of the release paper should be Remain unchanged, so as not to cause release paper crepe wrinkles and make the prepreg crease; should have sufficient densification, to prevent moisture through it into the prepreg; release paper after traction should be its elongation and fiber In order to prevent the prepreg from being distorted or distorted due to the unsynchronized drafting in the preparation process; its thickness and quality per unit area are not easily controlled accurately.

 Applications of release paper :

(1) Galassine silicone paper: high temperature, moisture, oil, generally used in the food industry packaging.
      (2) ordinary release paper: moisture, oil, play the role of product isolation for the electronics industry, automotive foam, printing, etc., most of its use and with sticky together, especially tape, Therefore, the general use of tape products will use the release paper.
      (3) PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foam process to undertake the role.

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