Comments on the Development of Gerasin Release Paper in International Market

- Dec 20, 2017 -

China's paper industry has begun to try to "eat crabs," the business. Sun Paper Laotian pulp base and Vietnam project has been launched and plans to use 3 to 5 years to form the integration of forestry and pulp and paper industry chain; last January, Fulida Group replenishment CanadaNewNear company, To ensure that 100,000 tons of dissolved pulp shipped back to China each year, to a certain extent, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of dissolving pulp. From these two examples, we can clearly see that the implementation of the "going out" strategy of the paper industry not only can ease the raw materials problem of the papermaking industry in our country, but also help to ease the overcapacity problem and help the enterprises to build a cross-border papermaking group Big framework, open up new development pattern and space, access to the strategic advantages of raw materials resources, so as to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

In the case of a shortage of pulp raw materials, "going out" has become the first choice for the paper industry to seek new space for development. The voice of the experts from Gerasin release paper also conveyed the state's escort attitude toward "going global" for paper enterprises. Of course, no one can casually succeed, every business has its own pace of development. Conditional paper companies can combine their own strategic planning, might as well try. After all, in a volatile economic market, which enterprise can take the initiative of a prophet and consider "going out" as soon as possible and having a concrete implementation plan?

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Due to the continuous increase of production capacity and the oversupply of the market, the large-scale enterprises in our country can no longer be limited to domestic development. In response, our country proposed that "bringing in" and "going out" in the "12th Five-Year Plan for Development" should undoubtedly enhance the confidence of enterprises in "testing the water," and many countries have also offered attractive conditions Welcome Chinese enterprises to invest. Today, some industries have emerged a lot of "going out" example of the enterprise: Geely acquisition of Volvo, is the world music. Haier's investment in setting up factories abroad and the gradual introduction of overseas investment has become a model for "going global" for Chinese enterprises. The paper industry as a resource-based pillar industries, why "go global" team can only see very few "figure"?

If paper companies just fear that there is no strong government support, now you can rest assured. In recent years, in order to ensure the supply of raw materials for paper making in our country, China is implementing a variety of raw materials development policies, among which there are encouraging policies to encourage enterprises to establish forestry farms and wood pulp enterprises abroad. He Yanli, inspector of the Industry Coordination Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at this year's China Paper Development Forum that the state actively supports the strategy of "going global" and actively supports qualified enterprises to invest overseas through various forms of mergers and acquisitions, equity participation, joint ventures and cooperation Of papermaking raw materials, paper production, papermaking equipment and other industries, the effective use of foreign resources to improve the relevant industrial technology, and actively explore foreign markets. Encourage domestic banks to increase credit support for overseas investment in the paper-making sector through various means such as export credit, project financing and M & A loans. The relevant information and services for overseas investment have also been stepped up. Measures for facilitating the entry and exit of customs and business personnel have also been put forward. We hope that the paper enterprises will perform as soon as possible.

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