Coating technology of release paper

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1.Thermosetting layer

There are a variety of separate layer formulations: PVA, alkyd resin, silicone resin and so on. As the main raw material, the coating solution is coated on paper by roll coating and scraper coating.

The main products for ordinary flat paper, paper and paper fog pattern, suitable for low temperature and high temperature PU PU semi products manufactured by the technology of pattern paper, because of the release layer is a thermosetting coating, embossing forming ability and low gloss, general pattern is rough. In addition, the cost of raw materials is low, the investment of technology and equipment is less, and its price is generally low.

2.Radiation curing laye

The acrylic resin is used as the main raw material, and the coating solution is coated on the paper with the acrylic resin as the main material, and the radiation source is solidified from the back of the paper, and the specific technology roadmap is as follows.A very fine pattern can be made by this process.

But because of its high equipment and operation cost, fine pattern and high simulation degree, plus the wide range of application of the technology, it is almost compatible with all leather manufacturing lines, so the price has remained high.

3.Lamination process

From the type of layer with TPX and PP as main raw materials, products for all types of decorative paper, suitable for low temperature and high temperature PU semi PU production, due to the presence of PVC in the slurry of plasticizer, will affect the release layer (film) surface gloss and therefore cannot be used in all PVC products, because the film material is expensive, high temperature film paper belongs to the high-end products on the market.

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