Car seat leather and imitation leather easily confused In fact, imitation leather mostly artificial leather

- Dec 07, 2017 -


General consumers buy leather products, choose to buy "leather" products, buy a car, also like to choose "leather" interior, such as "leather" seats, because the "leather" looks upscale, the atmosphere, of course, the price Not cheap. However, the "leather" seat really "leather" it? As consumers are easy to "leather" and "leather" confused, here to provide you some ways to identify.

In fact, not only the automotive industry, the "leather" called in most of the population in life is not really leather, but artificial leather, also known as leather. In order to facilitate the call, are generally also known as "leather", when consumers buy a car, manufacturers and sales casually speak out as a "leather" seat, in fact, not everyone understands the kind of "leather."


More stringent manufacturers in the vehicle configuration list will be marked on the seat of the material is leather or imitation leather, the cost of the leather is very expensive, let's hundreds of thousands, more than 200,000 car is difficult to buy a real leather seat, Even the leather seats, it is only the center of the cushion and back so a small piece of leather is used, the other parts are basically faux leather.

Why is the cost of leather expensive?

The first is the raw material, are used to strip off the animal from the original skin, there are leather, sheepskin and pigskin, which is the most used leather, yellow leather, because yellow leather cortex is relatively delicate, elastic Ye Hao, pore arrangement More uniform, durability is also very good, not easy to decay and damage, such as leather market price is a few thousand dollars, and even some first layer of leather may be tens of thousands of yuan, very expensive.

This is just leather, and then need to be processed, after a series of physical and chemical processing, tanning and so on the process can really be used in the car seat, so that the cost down, the higher, the general Only luxury and luxury car seats, will be willing to use all leather.

And now the most used is a leather seat, leather is mainly two kinds of material, one is leather, one is superfine skin.

Artificial leather, is also divided into three kinds, PVC artificial leather, PU leather and synthetic leather; and 200,000 yuan in the following car is the most common is the PU leather, we usually say "PU" is the PU polyurethane Composition of artificial leather, why such PU leather so popular? Because the PU is very close to the leather, in terms of practicability, durability and basic dermatology, and its cost is very low, almost comparable to the real cowhide.

In addition, the superfine fiber, is a more expensive, but also more advanced artificial leather, is a polyurethane composition. Like many of the performance of the car commonly used Alcantara, also known as turn the fur, is a kind of superfine fiber, the price is not cheap, as some Alcantara steering wheel cover, the price is a few thousand dollars, not cheaper than some leather.


Then how do we distinguish between leather and leather?

The first is the smell, the dermis is generally rubbed, there will be an odor of leather comes from, and the faux leather is almost unreadable; feels more soft touch, bright colors. However, we may not experience the more difficult to judge, the best way to judge is to look at the price, 200,000 yuan of the following car, the basic are imitation leather, 300,000, 400,000 car, all leather is relatively small.

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