Basic knowledge of PET release film

- Nov 10, 2017 -

PET release film, also called PET silicone oil film, is coated with a layer of silicone oil on the surface of PET film, in order to reduce the adhesion of PET film surface and achieve the effect of separation. It can be divided into single side film and double side film. According to the detachment force, they can be divided into light detachment film, intermediate release film and re release film.

There are usually below thickness : 0.012mm,0.019mm,0.025mm,0.038mm,0.05mm,0.075mm,0.1mm,0.125mm时,0.188mm . PET film manufacturers are equipped with large strips, slicing machines, according to your specifications in separate sections. PET film has been widely packaging, printing, screen printing, printing, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible circuit, insulation products, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeit, laminating, electronic, material sealing film, reflective material, waterproof material, medicine (plaster paper), toilet paper, adhesive products, die-cutting processing industries.

PET release film, also called heat transfer film, peeling film, isolation film, synovial membrane, paper, silicone oil film, anti mucous membrane, silicone oil release paper, silicone oil paper, mask film, PET film, also known as PET transfer film. It is mainly used as vacuum aluminum plating carrier, that is, the PET film is placed in the vacuum aluminum plating machine after aluminum plating, glue and paper composite, and then peel off the PET film, aluminum molecular layer through the adhesive role will be transferred to the cardboard surface, forming the so-called aluminum cardboard. The production process of aluminium plated cardboard is: PET base film, parting layer, filter layer, aluminizing layer, coating layer, and transfer to paperboard.


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