Application of PET release film in die cutting industry .

- Oct 27, 2017 -

PET release film has a very wide application in die cutting industry , especially the PET release film who has high hardness . So , what's the concrete applications ? And what should we take care of during the using of the release film ?

Features of the PET release film

Feature : good transparency

Release Force : 1- - 500g , the heavier the bigger release force

Thickness : generally 0.025mm , 0.036 , 0.05mm , 0.075mm , 0.1mm

Width : 250mm- - 1300mm or customized

Color : Transparency , blue , red

The common problem during the usage

  1. There are some noice when peeling from the surface of adhesive tape ;

  2. The PET release film can not be peeled when the time is very long .

  3. The surface of PET release film is too oily to peel .

  4. There is dust on the surface of the film due to the static .

    The common solution for the common problem

 1.If the release force is too big , then noisy will occur during the peeling .

 2.We can equip the anti-static machine to avoid the static issue .

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