Analysis Report of PET film for die-cutting

- Jul 14, 2017 -

The analysis report of PET film for die-cutting is summarized as follows:

One, for the die-cutting industry from the film of the prawns will often encounter problems, I made a summary, mainly the following issues, you may be able to exchange.
1. The tape and the release film can not be stripped off after a good period of time.
2. Pet release film in the unwinding process produced electrostatic, adsorption dust.
3. Adhesive tape and the release film, peeling off when part of the tape back stripping, and issued a PA, PA, sound.
4. The surface of the membrane is very oily, it is easy to peel off the layer.
5. Anti-stripping, the stripped material is not stripped.
Two, combined with the above, I think it may be possible to analyze the following:
1. and adhesive tape can not be stripped, generally coated uneven reasons, some of the film leakage coating is more serious will make a part of the effect, resulting in the tape can not be stripped off, round knife die-cutting should be very taboo this problem.
2. Electrostatic problems, generally in addition to the physical aspects of the treatment methods, chemical aspects of the treatment is permanent, the general photoelectric level of the die-cutting plant has a dust-free workshop, but also have the equipment in addition to electrostatic, the problem will not be very big. Strict requirements, you can choose anti-static coating of the film.
3. Peeling occurs when the noise, one is too large, the next is the coating uneven results. There are many ways to determine whether the coating is uneven. One of the more simple is in the sun to see the surface of the film, film surface coating effect can be seen at a glance. For example, a South Korean production of the surface of the film can be seen spots of paint stains, and the imagination of the rainbow. You can go and have a look.
4. Away from the surface greasy is mainly caused by the separation agent system, not greasy things must be bad, in fact, some greasy film surface coating evenly, residual adhesion rate is better. But some of it is simply not good, silicone oil is easy to fall off. These can also be judged by testing.
5. Anti-stripping is mainly from the production of film manufacturers to match the unsatisfactory cause, there are 2 aspects, the first, out of the factory inspection of the film is not strict, the test equipment is not complete, the production process is not stable, making the same type of product out of the force difference too much. The die-cutting plant in the use of the habit of their thought of the left-type pet matte film. Secondly, the weathering resistance of the separation layer is not enough, and the time has changed greatly.

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