An overview of the paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

The paper is a kind of anti adhesive paper which can prevent prepreg adhesion and protect the prepreg from contamination. When the wet method is used to produce prepreg, the paper is placed in the top and bottom of the prepreg, in which the lower off type paper is deposited with the prepreg, so the prepreg surface usually has a layer-free paper protection. The effect of the paper is to prevent the prepreg from being polluted, and to provide convenience for marking the surface of the material. The other effect of the paper is to prevent the transverse cracking of one-way prepreg.

Off-type paper should be satisfied: can adhere to the prepreg, but easy to separate the two; no chemical reaction with the resin system or pollution of the resin system; in the ambient temperature and humidity changes, the length and width of the paper should remain unchanged, so as not to cause
The paper wrinkles and wrinkles the prepreg; should be sufficiently dense to prevent moisture from entering the prepreg; the elongation should be consistent with the fiber after traction, in order to prevent the prepreg from being drawn in different steps during the preparation.
distortion or distortion; its thickness, unit area quality is not easy to control accurately.

The paper is made of paper which is coated with an adhesive-resistant material, and its model is differentiated according to the material, thickness, elongation, and single sided.

Off-paper use: moisture, oil, play the role of product isolation.

Applicable industries: Electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., its use of most of the scope and has a sticky special together, especially tape. So, the general use of adhesive tape products will use the paper

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