An operator of the microfiber plant in the heart: a small screw is also of great use!

- Dec 07, 2017 -


I am a production workshop operator in a microfiber plant. Small I would like to incarnate as a screw on the synthetic leather equipment, for the smooth operation of the equipment dedication.

Please do not underestimate the small screws, screws have many valuable spirit: dedication, dedication, perseverance, unity, and these are the spirit of today's business development needs. Only a drop of water into the sea will never dry up, only the integration of themselves and the collective, in order to be the most powerful.


My daily work is closely related to the quality of the operation of the equipment. Many failures are caused by negligence of the operators. I often see considerable losses to the factory due to mistakes made by the operators. I am rather saddened by this.

I am well aware that in the process of handling various types of operational quality problems, losses may be irreparable due to a small oversight. Here's the predecessors taught me how to calm down every detail, because they know that here even a small mistake will bring great losses to the company. Although predecessors busy every day of this constant duplication of work, but still meticulous treatment of every detail, for front-line staff to do a good job of quality management, as long as the operator strictly in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the day to complete the seemingly simple work, we can ensure that equipment Normal operation.

In fact, every job we are engaged in is an indispensable part of the equipment. I know very well that the meaning of my life is to condense the whole force on this tiny screw and do my job as a Leather equipment to provide a strong support should be screws.

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