Advantages of synthetic leather

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Natural leather is widely used for the production of daily necessities and industrial products because of its excellent natural characteristics. However, as the world's population increases, the demand for leather in the world has doubled. A limited number of natural leathers have long been unable to meet people's needs. To solve this contradiction, scientists began to research and develop artificial leather and synthetic leather several decades ago to make up for the shortage of natural leather. 50 years of research history is the process of artificial leather, synthetic leather to natural leather challenge.

Scientists began to study and analyze the chemical composition and organizational structure of natural leather, starting with nitrocellulose lacquer and entering PVC artificial leather, the first generation of artificial leather. On this basis, scientists made a number of improvements and exploration, the first is the improvement of the substrate, followed by coating resin modification and improvement. By the 1970s, acupuncture into mesh and sticking into mesh and other processes appeared on non-woven fabrics made of synthetic fibers, which made the base material have a lotus root-like cross section and a hollow fiber shape, reached the porous structure, and was in line with the reticular structure of natural leather Requirements; the surface of synthetic leather has been able to do fine pore structure of polyurethane layer, the equivalent of natural leather grain, so that PU synthetic leather appearance and internal structure and the gradual approach to natural leather, and other physical properties are close to the natural leather Indicators, while the color is more vivid than natural leather; its normal temperature folding reached more than 1 million times, low temperature folding can reach the level of natural leather.

The appearance of microfiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. Its three-dimensional structure of the network of non-woven synthetic leather for the substrate to create a catch up with natural leather conditions. The product combines the newly developed PU slurry impregnated with open-cell structure, composite surface processing technology, play a superfine fiber surface area and a strong water absorption, making ultra-fine PU synthetic leather has a superfine fiber The natural moisture absorption of natural leather, collagen fibers, so regardless of the internal microstructure, or the appearance of the texture and physical properties and people wearing comfort, etc., can be compared with the high-grade natural leather. In addition, microfiber synthetic leather in chemical resistance, quality uniformity, large production and processing adaptability and waterproof, anti-mildew degeneration more than natural leather.

Practice has proved that the excellent performance of synthetic leather can not be replaced by natural leather, from domestic and foreign markets to analyze, synthetic leather has also largely replaced the lack of natural resources, leather. The use of artificial leather and synthetic leather bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, has been increasingly recognized by the market, its wide range of applications, the large number of varieties, is the traditional natural leather can not be met.

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