Advantages and Classification of PU Synthetic Leather Additives

- Dec 18, 2017 -

As the technology advances, PU synthetic leather has more excellent performance than natural leather, the application of a more extensive range of ** in the national defense industry, aerospace and other high-tech fields also been applied. At present, the global PU synthetic leather market size 500 to 700 billion US dollars, mainly in China, Korea, Japan, South America, South Asia, Europe and other regions. China has nearly two thousand large and small PU synthetic leather manufacturing enterprises (included in the statistics in about 500), the world's first. It is foreseeable that the research and development of PU synthetic leather will continue to progress due to the demand of more human renewal. The future of PU synthetic leather will surely be colorful and splendid.

So, PU synthetic leather is how to progress and progress? In addition to the production process, equipment, substrates and other continuous innovation, perhaps more important is the development of additives, innovation.

    Auxiliaries described in this article, including not only we often say additives, functional materials, including additives, functional materials and ordinary PU resin compound or synthetic table agents, special resins and so on. Its range of applications include PU resin additives and PU synthetic leather additives.


   In general, the innovation of PU synthetic leather is realized as follows:

    Innovative additives added PU synthetic process → PU resin → + + innovative additives + innovative substrate fabric + filler + toner → made by a variety of innovative technology = PU synthetic leather.

    Thus it can be seen that the research and development of auxiliaries play a crucial role in the development of PU synthetic leather. .

    Classification of additives

    Auxiliaries are generally divided into the following five categories:

    First, to solve the fault category. Such as: defoamers, wetting agents, anti-pinhole agent, leveling additives, wet fixative, off DMF additives, foam auxiliaries, anti-sticking agents, interfacial fusing agent, tackifier, dispersant and many more. Such materials in the PU resin and PU synthetic leather manufacturing process plays a crucial role, without them, PU resin and PU synthetic leather can not be normal production;

    Second, to improve processing performance class. Such as: high stripping aids, anti-tear aid, anion (cation) ion penetrants, cell regulator, resin modifier, filler to promote the accelerator, Special embossed auxiliaries, stickers with gold foil additives, kneading auxiliaries and so on. These materials are an important part of PU resin and PU synthetic leather, so that the physical properties and feel of a significant change in order to meet people's requirements;

    Third, increase the PU material itself does not have the function class. Such as: water repellent agent, antibacterial fungicide, flame retardant, wear and scratch resistance agent, waterproofing agent, high temperature anti-aging agent, leather flavor additives, anti yellowing agent, cold agent, hydrolysis agent, breathable absorbent material, Radiation protection materials, insulation materials, anti-far infrared materials, aromatic materials, luminescent materials and so on. The addition of this kind of material makes the synthetic leather have the function that the PU itself does not have, thus appeared the functional PU resin and the functional PU synthetic leather, in order to satisfy the humanity more demand in the field;

    Fourth, adjust the surface effect of PU synthetic leather and feel class. Such as: slip agent, slip wax hand feeling agent, special show color hand feeling agent, powder feeling material, fog black material, coke sense material, vertical sense material, soft material, leather special shrink material, fog wax material, Wax material, velvet material This type of material is mainly to provide special effects PU synthetic leather surface to meet people's individual needs and the pursuit of fashion, the United States.

    Five, table agent, special resin and so on. Traditionally, these kinds of materials have not been in the category of auxiliaries. They are new materials manufactured by compounding or synthesizing additives and ordinary PU resins. Generally used in PU synthetic leather finish or finish, so that the synthetic leather has a special surface effects and feel. According to the current China Plastics Processing Association * new statistical standards, in order to uniform norms, we table agents, special resins included in the scope of additives. Such as a variety of matte, shiny, fluffy sense of wax sense of powder, astringent and other agents on the table, all kinds of discoloration, cracking, Crazy horse breathable, absorbent, polished, rub color, scorching and other special resin. With PU synthetic leather like high-end, personalized, functional development, table agents, the use of special resins more and more, more and more varieties. It is the proportion of PU synthetic leather manufacturing costs are also growing.

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