About the Selecting of release paper for PU leather

- Nov 21, 2017 -

In the choice of the release paper, there is no absolute good and absolute bad choice between domestic and imported, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of release paper is a process of college entrance examination, when the choice is considered a combination of factors, and not a little one-sided, only to reach an optimal solution in a variety of factors under the condition of equilibrium is the best.

From the type of paper called the silicone oil paper is also known as the original engineering paper, mainly used in industrial enterprises, with the deepening awareness of the use of the scope of the release paper, now the food industry, industrial enterprises are widely used, how we choose to release paper what you want to use?

Artificial leather, leather manufacturers in the selection of PU release paper, will be selected according to the market demand and technological characteristics, such as imitation leather, leather crocodile embossed, or in order to create a similar natural leather and different finishing processing to choose different patterns and different gloss, different uses of permutation and combination of release paper generally speaking, the PU release paper divided into silicon and non silicon two, mainly used in PVC artificial leather, PU leather and leather manufacturing dry surface finishing. The surface of the release paper has a certain pattern and has good film removal performance. Some of the release paper can be used not only in PVC leather, but also in PU leather. Silicon based release paper is similar to PVC used in silicone paper, but it can withstand the action of DMF, and is generally used in double composite PU coating agent.

In non-silicon paper, as long as the thermoplastic polypropylene coated release paper can be made of embossed paper, so it can be made from this kind of natural leather PU leather, which is similar to the silicone paper.

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