A variety of wool characteristics

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Wool is actually a general term in the wool which are also divided into "pure wool fabric it" and "wool blend fabric it" two categories, and there are several categories there are two. And now Many businesses deliberately wear blanket, so a general title, so that the average customer that "wool" is equivalent to "pure wool worsted fabric it"

Pure wool fabric it

A pure wool worsted fabrics it

Mostly thin texture, it is smooth, clear lines. Natural luster, there is drift. Body stiffness, soft and supple feel. Grip it loose material, basically no wrinkles, even a slight crease can disappear in a very short period of time.

Two pure wool woolen fabric it

That is, the type of wool produced by the company, the wool-fed woolen yarn, but not necessarily pure wool, most of which are wool, wool and polyester, including blended fabrics such as mohair, bamboo fiber and cotton.

Most of the texture is thick, it is full, smooth color and light enough. The surface and suede are not exposed at the end. Tattoos textured clear and rich. Feel gentle, crisp and elastic.

Wool-blend fabric it

A wool and polyester blend fabric it

Under the sun there is a flash point, the lack of pure soft fleece fabric soft feeling. Mao Di (Di Mao)

Fabrics stiff but hardboard, and with the increase in the content of polyester significantly. More flexible than pure wool fabric, but feel less than pure wool and chinqing blended fabric. Grip it loose material, almost no crease.

Two wool and viscose blended fabric it

Lighter gloss. Worsted feel softer, woolen felt feel loose. This type of fabric flexibility and crisp feel less than pure wool and wool polyester, wool-ching blended fabric. If the viscose content is higher, the fabric is easy to wrinkle.

In addition there is now a "pure wool imitation wool fabric," much like "wool" so be careful when buying it to see clearly.

Wool-like fabrics made of viscose and artificial wool fibers have dull lustrous feel and lack of crispness. Due to poor elasticity, prone to wrinkles, and not easy to subside. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric wet after wet than a significant decline, which is an effective method to identify viscose fabric. In addition, these wool-like fabrics become hard and thick after they are wetted.

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