A detailed explanation of the importance of the paper bag to life

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Talking about the coated paper bag people may not know very well, but say we usually used to pack small snack bags can no one know, no one does not. In fact, now used to use small snacks bag is coated paper bag, because the film paper bag Waterproof, oil, to our life brought a lot of convenience, so very popular people like. So what is a coated paper bag? Do you understand the paper bag? Do you know the meaning of a coated paper bag?

Coated paper bag is the plastic particles through the machine coating on the paper surface of composite materials, coated paper bag is characterized by this composite can be oil-resistant, waterproof (relative), can be hot. Coated paper can also be called Kraft Paper bag, coated paper bag use:

1. Chemical Category: Desiccant packaging, preservative.

2. Food: Tea packaging, melon seeds bags, bread bags, Hamburg packaging, sugar packaging, coffee bags.

3. Paper Type: Copper paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper).

4. Life class: Salt packing, paper cup paper.

5. Medicine Packaging: Medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging.

6. Other Categories: Testing machine paper, aviation bag, seed bag paper, coated silicon can do self-adhesive substrate, kraft paper tape, anti-rust antirust packaging, disposable travel supplies.

Coated paper bag is not only a large area of cover, the ideal base for activities, but also for large areas of metal and non-metallic noise insulation, adding extra ingredients to the flame-retardant film, can be used as City, street environment decorative cloth and made of various types of coated container bags, lifting bags.

Do you understand the above questions, coated paper bags in our lives can be seen everywhere, our lives are inseparable from the paper bag.

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