Xinfeng Group

Xinfeng's Characteristic

I、An enterprise has an average annual growth rate of 15% since founded.
II、An enterprise with over 10 years employee accounted for more than 50%.
III、An enterprise with 80% management promoted by the front-line employees


Service Commitment

XFG has seven branched manufactories, based in Yangze river delta and the pearl river delta, possesses a strong marketing sense and capability.Xinfeng Group has been developing its business, including composite materials, special paper, international trading, new energy and fine chemicals.

Advanced automatic equipment, modern technologies and scientific management, these are the main reasons what make Xinfeng Group stands out.Especially its release paper, has the highest accomplishment domestically, includes the widest range of products, the highest output, the widest width, the highest quality. Plus, several of our branches are credit rated AAA, and honored long-term "Advancing Enterprise".

Our Xinfeng members have always been having faith in sustainable development, strive for creation, win-win as cooperation policy, sincerity as our principle, which helps us to build up an excellent reputation in the field.